Saturday, June 25, 2011


Another really fun website entered my life about a month ago: Pinterest!!! It is a great way to keep all of those creative ideas you find on the internet neat and orderly and categorized. Let's say you're on-line, perusing ideas for the new school year, and you come across an amazing game or a photo of a fabulous classroom library or a cute craft to celebrate a holiday. You click on the "Pin It" icon (which you have downloaded from the Pinterest website), and select the photo of the item you want to save or remember. A little box pops up, prompting you to categorize your pin (in this case, "Classroom Ideas") and jot a brief description of the item. Once you go back to the Pinterest homepage, you'll have all of your favorite things organized in fantastic little visual representation.

My favorite part of Pinterest, though, is stealing repinning other people's pins. You can start "following" people you know (or random internet strangers who share your interests), see what they're pinning, and then repin the items you like. I love looking for home decorating inspiration, kid craft ideas, methods to organize my life, cool haircuts and styles, and so much more. One can definitely become a teensy bit obsessed with this (ahem). anyone else pinning? I am always interested in checking out other pin boards. You can see mine (and follow me if you'd like) HERE.


  1. YA! I love it!

  2. I love pinterest!! If you would like to check out my pins hear is the link

    Miss J