Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the Teacher Day: Success!

It was so wonderful meeting my new third grade students and parents today. I was also happy to see so many of my former students and their parents stopping by for a quick hello! I hope my students enjoyed picking out their seats for the first day of school. Since some students have a little bit of anxiety about being in a new grade with a new teacher and new classmates, I thought giving them a little ownership over where they sit would help ease those nervous feelings. Now, whether those new seats will last beyond the first day may be another story once I see the group dynamics!  : )

On every student's desk was the Gorrie First Day Packet (folder). I gave it out in advance so that parents aren't swamped on the actual first day of school, as I plan to send home my own little packet of parent paperwork on Tuesday. I promise that the papers will ease up after the first week! Oh, and there's a little friendly competition between the teachers to have all emergency cards completed, signed, and returned to school first, so please get that emergency card to me as soon as possible! Thank you for your cooperation!

Enjoy the last weekend of summer vacation!

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